Rescue 5 Day Permanent Detox Best Detox Capsules Full Body Cleanse Dietary Supplement

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The Rescue 5 Day Permanent Detox is one of the most complex and advanced detoxification products ever created in a lab. The 5 Day kit is specially formulated to fortify and assist the body’s natural detoxification process by eliminating toxic buildup and free radical invasion from your body. The 5 Day Detox will cleanse your body of unwanted toxins permanently as long as you don’t introduce new toxins into your body. The 5 Day Kit contains 4 different types of capsules that are taken at specific times during your cleanse in order to eradicate toxic buildup. The 5 Day Detox now comes with 8 of our super strength ICE Capsules to be taken after completion of the 5-day program for that extra peace of mind.

For those who weigh over 200 lbs or have extremely high toxin levels, see the Applied Sciences 10 Day Permanent Detox.

15 reviews for Rescue 5 Day Permanent Detox Best Detox Capsules Full Body Cleanse Dietary Supplement

  1. Bruce (verified owner)

    Already testing negative for THC on day 2

  2. Anthony Christian (verified owner)

  3. Jaeda W. (verified owner)

    On day 4 and it’s not too bad. Took a test on day 2 and it was almost negative. Would definitely do it again.

  4. Vicente (verified owner)

  5. ryan w. (verified owner)

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    on day 5, super super super faint ‘negative’ line on at home drug test. smoked heavily and stopped just a few days before starting the program so i guess it really does work. I’m 22, 160lbs, mild exercise, heavy/ mild smoker (thc). would definitely recommend. follow the instructions! mild stomach cramps but nothing to complain about. negative reviews are from people who didn’t follow the instructions or didn’t get the right package. like i described above, i only needed 5 day but some may need the 10 day. money well spent.

  7. Dedric (verified owner)

    Fast And On Time With Clear Instructions.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, great product! Highly recommend!

  10. Jared (verified owner)

    Had 4 months of toxins and gone in 5 days

  11. Patricia Knowlton (verified owner)

    Justed started! We stoked!

  12. Justin (verified owner)

    Worked great did the whole 5 day detox and my drug test came out negative after smoking daily

  13. Daniel Francis Jr (verified owner)

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Worked for me! But I had only smoked a couple times and was clean for almost 3 weeks already when I started taking it. Just make sure to drink plenty of water everyday. I paid for the most expensive shipping which I’m glad I did cuz I needed ASAP and it got here in a day and a half to Alaska!

  15. Alex C. (verified owner)

    Used the 10 day detox almost a year ago. Had perfect results. It works.

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